40 ft Shipping/Storage Containers

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  • Standard (Dry Van): The most common type, designed for general cargo.
  • High Cube: Offers an extra foot of height for taller items.
  • Open Top: Has a removable roof for loading exceptionally tall cargo.
  • Flat Rack: Collapsible sides and ends for oversized loads.
  • Refrigerated (Reefer): Temperature-controlled for perishable goods.

Key Specifications (Standard 40 ft Container)

External Dimensions

  • Length: 40 feet (12.192 meters)
  • Width: 8 feet (2.438 meters)
  • Height: 8 feet 6 inches (2.591 meters)

Internal Dimensions

  • Length: 39 feet 5 inches (12.03 meters)
  • Width: 7 feet 8 inches (2.34 meters)
  • Height: 7 feet 10 inches (2.39 meters)


  • Tare Weight (Empty): Approx. 8,000 lbs (3,750 kg)
  • Gross Weight (Max): Approx. 67,200 lbs (30,480 kg)
  • Payload (Max): Approx. 59,200 lbs (26,730 kg)


  • Internal Volume: 67.6 cubic meters (2,385 cubic feet)


  • Walls, Roof, Floor: Corrugated steel
  • Floor: Marine-grade plywood
  • Corner Castings: ISO standard for stacking and securing


  • Standard: One end with double cargo doors

Important Notes:

  • Variations: Some containers might slightly differ in dimensions or features
  • Condition: Specifications like tare weight change depending on the condition of the container (new, used, etc.).
  • Special Types: Specifications differ significantly for open top, flat rack, reefer, and other specialized types of 40 ft containers.

Where to Find More Details

  • Manufacturer Websites: Look for specific container model data sheets.
  • Shipping Container Sales Companies: Their websites often have detailed listings.
  • ISO Standards: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets the standards for shipping containers.

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